Stories of Little Tibet

Stories of Little Tibet

Past, Present and Future

Aneta and Luboš Pavel

160x220 mm
vázaná, 199 stran
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Little Tibet is a name given to Ladakh, a beautiful region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir bordering Tibet to the east and bearing its influence. In the shadow of Great Himalaya, Indus Valley is inhabited by people of Tibetan descent. The book is telling us their stories – narrating about the history of Ladakh, about present-day people, and, finally expressing wishes and visions for the future. So, here you will find fairy-tales and folk tales as well as Buddhist stories – along with the stories of people the authors met and who had stories to tell. For them, the past, the presence and the future merge into one entity. Finally, a reader will also find completely new stories that arose from the creative work of children in the Spring Dales Public School.
Life is changing rapidly. Where yesterday there was not even a dirt track, dozens of cars flow along a new road today. Next to the houses made of clay new concrete buildings are growing up.
All together the Stories of Little Tibet form a kind of collage, which in a new context could reveal the actual life of people in Ladakh and the tradition from which it stems.
Searching for a Tibetan King
The Magical Amulet
Tibet on Foot
The Too-Beautiful Princess
The Never-ending Chapati
Three Sisters and a Demon
A Drop of Water Will Be My Only Witness
Oats For a Jeep
Wangyal and the Advent of the Fifth Buddha
Engineer Norboo’s Courtship
The Longest Mani Wall
The Monk and the Rabbit
The Buddhist Teacher
Galam Kesar
Seven Stupid Heads
Galam Kesar’s Birth
How Galam Kesar Wanted to Marry a Princess
How Things Continued with Galam Kesar
Buddhist Meditation
Master and Student
The Golden Heart of Prince Siddhartha
The Butcher Who Stopped Slaughtering Animals
A Crying Bear
Soldier Samfel
The Oldest House
Lama Chambapa
The Flying Monk
Principal Norboo
The Saddest Moment of My Life
The Festival of Flowers
Speaking Stones
The Crow and the Raven
What the Mother of the Little Wild Goat Knew
The Mountain Ghost
Snow Leopard in Captivity
Three Sisters and a Cow
Two Friends and a Tiger
Rigzin and His Dog
The Invisible Scientist
The Old Dusty Book
Book Collaborators
Aneta and Luboš Pavel


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